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Our Marketing Algorithm Technology provides the opportunity to target your local consumers in a way that is engaging, natural, and memorable.

INTELAvise Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing

We build relevant and engaging campaigns on the most popular social media channels. These campaigns build your brand’s reputation, creating a unique, authoritative presence with your target audience. 

Website Design

Whether we modernize an existing website or create a new one, our designers use a recipe for success that blends visual imagery and intuitive user experience to captivate visitors. We do so by combining wire-framing, typography, striking visuals, and functionality to make your website a fan favorite.​

INTELAvise Website Designs

eCommerce Store

INTELAvise has developed a Turn-Key-eCommerce Solution for small businesses that also included the marketing of your online store.

Marketing Campaigns

We develop specific strategies for every business using the best platform and campaign length while tracking performance and reporting metrics. ​

INTELAvise Marketing Campaigns
INTELAvise Video Promotional Services

Video Promotion

We have a team of video designers and editors who can help take your brand and message to any audience and demographic. The future of marketing and social media is video, and the future is here! Let us help you by creating content in a matter that portrays your brand in the best light and increases viewership.

Generation Gap Marketing

Reaching audiences of different ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles get more complex every day. Our approach is to use generational segmentation inside your marketing messages and communications. This allows you to focus your key message to each generation, therefore enhancing your ability to reach each age group

INTELAvise Generational Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Because social media owns our attention and marketing is about gaining brand awareness, a strategy allows you to build a narrowly defined audience, creating a platform for customer feedback and a content publicity channel.

We have several packages to meet your desired goals and budget. Our social media retainers will vary from $350 – $2,000/month. This fee includes social media management, engagement, content creation, and promotions.

Fans and loyal followers are not built overnight. However, with proper messaging and compelling storytelling, you will have meaningful engagements and conversions. Creating social media campaigns that resonate with your audience and will lead to a return on your investment.

Yes, our contracts are part of a full package that run monthly or annually. You can still cancel anytime with a 60-day written notice. 

Once you have completed the Marketing Algorithm Questionnaire (MAQ) and have selected your plan, you can expect to see your campaign in full motion. You should see a higher customer engagement, brand identity, and ROI from our marketing efforts.

Ready, Set, GROW

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